Maja’s Viennese Kitchen Maja’s Viennese Kitchen…..To make this cake…use any kind of a boxed Vanilla mix….follow the directions on box…pour it into a greased,round cake form…and lay slices of a couple of pears around the edge of the cake…bake at 350 F until toothpick comes out clean…cool the cake and slice it while still in the baking pan…the first slice might not come out without crumbs…but the rest should be no problem to place it on a pretty platter…dusted with some powdered sugar….and enjoyed!!!

This is truly an easy cake to make…and will be loved by all!!!

Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen



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This year commemorates 35 years of continuous Gingerbread House Decorating with Maria Reisz Springer who started cooking classes as Maja’s Viennese Kitchen…in 1984 in Baltimore, Maryland…

The event is now one of the major fundraisers at the Towson United Methodist Church in the Baltimore, Maryland  area.

It seems that decorating little houses built from Graham Crackers…is still a yearly event on my calendar.  I cannot    imagine  Christmas time staring without a full house of children, their voices, laughter, and smiling faces coming though the doors with their moms, dads, grandparents…..aunts and uncles big sisters and yes, “nannies”…..!!  Two hours of fun and concentration while decorating the most beautiful house that they have ever seen….with laughter and singing Christmas Carols…while licking their fingers that are covered with Royal Icing…and snacking on candies…

Many families through the years have started their Holiday Season at our home in Eagles Nest and now are coming to the Towson United Methodist Church on Hampton Lane and Dulaney  Valley Rd… Some of those little children are now adults…but, still want to decorate a house  every year….Therefore, we are setting up a couple of tables for “adults”  and these do fill up quickly as well…


We have a most fun Santa Clause who visits us during the event…who with his big voice and HOHOHO  as well with his bells.  brings laughter and cheer to the whole room and makes the event even more special than it was at our old home in Eagles Nest…

Once upon a time this girl was very little she sat on her grandmother’s lap as she decorated her first Gingerbread House at our old home…then she came as a teenager as you see her here…and now she has graduated from college and is continuing her education for a higher degree… Her grandmother and I are still best of friends..and like to remember the times when our children were little… my son is now 40 years old…and has a family of his own… I now decorate Gingerbread Houses at their home…we started with  3 children about ten years ago…and are now to 15 who will decorate houses again  at Christmas time..


Come and join us……On Saturday, December 17, 2019

To attend…..the cost is…..$40 per Child and one adult…

$40….for every Adult decorating a house…..

Send me a message on email… and I will send you the

 Registration form!

maria@majaskitchen.com  …. or call me ….410-561-1157