Maja’s Viennese Kitchen Maja’s Viennese Kitchen…..To make this cake…use any kind of a boxed Vanilla mix….follow the directions on box…pour it into a greased,round cake form…and lay slices of a couple of pears around the edge of the cake…bake at 350 F until toothpick comes out clean…cool the cake and slice it while still in the baking pan…the first slice might not come out without crumbs…but the rest should be no problem to place it on a pretty platter…dusted with some powdered sugar….and enjoyed!!!

This is truly an easy cake to make…and will be loved by all!!!

Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen



Let me know what you think after you have read my simple recipe…

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A Yule log can be your most  “festive” pastry at Christmas time!!!

The Yule Log is my most favorite pastry at this time of year….In Europe the filling is a Coffee Cream…which is not a favorite here in the United States…I have made many Yule Logs for friends and customers…and when I ask if they would like the traditional filling of a Coffee Cream…the only answer I get is “NO” they would like to have a Vanilla Cream inside the cake.   Yet…Starbux…sells hundreds of Mochas a day…which is a strong coffee plus a Chocolate cream….!!!!


However…I always want to please my friends and customers…so I have learned just to fill this cake with a simple Vanilla Butter Cream…. and, at Christmas it makes a lovely center piece on your Dinner Table…!!!!

Wishing all my friends a most Happy Christmas!

“Frohe Weihnachten an alle!!!”

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen

Maria Reisz Springer

Baltimore, Maryland USA



This year commemorates 35 years of continuous Gingerbread House Decorating with Maria Reisz Springer who started cooking classes as Maja’s Viennese Kitchen…in 1984 in Baltimore, Maryland…

The event is now one of the major fundraisers at the Towson United Methodist Church in the Baltimore, Maryland  area.

It seems that decorating little houses built from Graham Crackers…is still a yearly event on my calendar.  I cannot    imagine  Christmas time staring without a full house of children, their voices, laughter, and smiling faces coming though the doors with their moms, dads, grandparents…..aunts and uncles big sisters and yes, “nannies”…..!!  Two hours of fun and concentration while decorating the most beautiful house that they have ever seen….with laughter and singing Christmas Carols…while licking their fingers that are covered with Royal Icing…and snacking on candies…

Many families through the years have started their Holiday Season at our home in Eagles Nest and now are coming to the Towson United Methodist Church on Hampton Lane and Dulaney  Valley Rd… Some of those little children are now adults…but, still want to decorate a house  every year….Therefore, we are setting up a couple of tables for “adults”  and these do fill up quickly as well…


We have a most fun Santa Clause who visits us during the event…who with his big voice and HOHOHO  as well with his bells.  brings laughter and cheer to the whole room and makes the event even more special than it was at our old home in Eagles Nest…

Once upon a time this girl was very little she sat on her grandmother’s lap as she decorated her first Gingerbread House at our old home…then she came as a teenager as you see her here…and now she has graduated from college and is continuing her education for a higher degree… Her grandmother and I are still best of friends..and like to remember the times when our children were little… my son is now 40 years old…and has a family of his own… I now decorate Gingerbread Houses at their home…we started with  3 children about ten years ago…and are now to 15 who will decorate houses again  at Christmas time..


Come and join us……On Saturday, December 17, 2019

To attend…..the cost is…..$40 per Child and one adult…

$40….for every Adult decorating a house…..

Send me a message on email… and I will send you the

 Registration form!

maria@majaskitchen.com  …. or call me ….410-561-1157




Savarin/Brioche…..A wonderful


“Tea Time Bread!”


I like to start this bread after dinner….and after it has risen…I punch it

down….just before I go to bed…cover it with plastic wrap…still in the

mixing bowl…and place it into the refrigerator!


1 pkg yeast +1 tsp sugar + 1/4 cup warm milk  ..and let it proof…about 10 to 15 minutes

3 cups flour + 1/4 cup more if needed….I usually add it right from the start

1/3 cup sugar

dash salt

4 Jumbo eggs – warmed to room temperature

1/2 cup warm milk

1 cup unsalted butter ( 2 sticks)..softened but still cool

Use an Electric Mixer

Into the bowl put the – flour, sugar and salt….and mix briefly

Add the proofed yeast and the 1/2 cup of warm milk

Add the warmed eggs …one at the time…mixing beween each…

Mix until it forms an almost smooth dough

Now add the room temp. eggs …one at a time mixing between each

Now add the butter …one small piece at a time while the mixer is

turning on its slowerst speed

Mix the dough only until the last piece is just barely incorporated

Cover the dough in the mixer’s bowl with plastic wrapt and let it sit in a warm spot in your kitchen …until it doubles in size.

Then stir down or punch down the dough and let it rise a second time for about 2 to

24 hours in the refrigerator..

Next day take the dough out of the refrigerator and punch it down…place it into

baking pans…or cut it in half and make two loaves …

place the loaves onto Parchment paper and let it rise until it doubles in size…

Bake it at 400 F…about 1/2 hour or so…or until the thermometer reaches the middle in the loaf 190 -200 F

If your bread loaves browns  quicker and darkens ..spread a sheet of foil over them…

this will lessen the browning of the dough…





Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen


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Sometimes I like to experiment with a new recipe, and not always am I happy with the outcome… This time it was a cookie, small pastry generally called “Thumbprint”..

I have always liked the Solo Company products and their recipes…however, this time I was quite disappointed…It was a can of Cherry Filling…as it said on the the paper wrapped around the can…that contained the filling…. When one unwraps the can   there is a recipe on the back of the paper that   one can make and use the filling with …

I followed the directions and found that the dough was stickly and had no flavor whatsoever..It was not sweet enough for cockies and so soft that they would have spread all over the baking sheet while in the oven baking.  But, being a baker…I quicky decided NOT to throw away the dough but add a few ingredients to make it work …my way!!

I added two cups of flower and a cup of sugar…mixed it all to a proper pastry dough and rolled it into small balls…then used a thimble…dunked into sugar and created an indentation in the center of the little ball….put them all on a cooky sheet covered with parchment paper and baked them at 375 F…until they began to brown…cooled them and filled the indentation with the Cherry filling.  After they cooled to room temperature…I dusted them with powdered sugar…

After tasting them I found that the Cherry Filling was without flavor and not sweet enough… After a few minutes of of thinking what I could do next…I deceded to make a sugar/lemon glaze and added it on top of the Cherry Filling.   It worked!!!!! I was able to take them to our chuch coffee hour on Sunday and they were gone in no time at all..



Maja’s Viennese Kitchen

Maria Reisz Springer




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Birnen Kuchen….Austrian Pear Cake

One of the finest Austrian Cakes…among many is the “Austrian Pear Cake”   It is a wonderful simple pastry layered with two layers of ripe pears.


Here is the recipe!

3/4 cup unsalted butter at room temperature

1 cup sugar

2 large eggs

zest of  1 to 2 lemons – depending on the size of the lemons

1 tsp Vanilla

2 1/2 cups flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

1/2 cup milk


2 lbs of Bartlett pears (about 4 to 6 medium size)

Optional  Glaze

1 cup powdered sugar

4 Tbsp Triple sect, or juice of 1 lemon


Set the oven at 350 F

Prepare an eight inch spring form by greasing and dusting it with flour.

Peal the pears and slice each quarter into three sections.

In an electric mixer or hand mixer beat the butter and sugar until very light in color, and very fluffy.  Add the eggs  one at a time.  Add the zest of the lemons and Vanilla.  Mix the flour with the baking powder.  Add the flour mixture to the butter, sugar and eggs alternating with the milk.   Mix well until it becomes a smooth, soft dough.

Transfer half of the dough to the spring form and smooth it onto the bottom of this baking pan.

Add half of  the pear sections in a circle starting  around the outer edge of the pan until you finish in the middle.

Add the rest of the dough on top of the pears, smooth it out and add another layer of the pears on top…the same way in a circle until you finish in the center.    Be generous with the pears it make the cake pudding-like, moist and delicious.

Bake the cake at 350 F for about 1 hour and 15 minutes…..or until a toothpick come out clean.

Cool the cake completely then transfer it onto a serving platter.

There are several options to glaze the cake:

Make the Lemon Glaze with the above recipe…..it is really delicious.

Softly whipped heavy cream sweetened with powdered sugar….before serving.


Drizzle the cake slices with honey just before serving….if you wish!!!

I have tried all three versions, and I cannot tell which one I like best…..actually it all depends on what you have in the refrigerator or the pantry………..I have not tried dribbling a warm chocolate sauce over the slices , but I think I will try it the next time I make this wonderful and versatile  cake. Because with each topping it actually becomes another pastry.  If you make the cake a day ahead of when you want to serve it…you can leave it on the kitchen counter – covered loosely with wax paper.



Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen


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 Wedding on a California Ranch!!!


We recently attended my nieces wedding in California…!

  The  pastor of their Christian Non-denominational  Church married them in a most dignified and reverent manner.  The bride and groom took Communion together at the end of the seremony… It truly was a most beautiful and holy seremony that ended with the guests joining in the songs that the bride and goom selected. 

The guests were served a “buffet” dinner right in front of you at the table…a most original and wonderful idea…besides not needing flowrs to decorate the tables…you just picked and tasted all the beatiful meats, nuts, fruit. pies… and other food that is usually offered on large platers…this buffet was offered on long strips of brown packing paper!!!! There were red and white wines of different local wineries with lovely stem-glases…that one could part-take if one wished…I loved this idea…and wish I had thought of that when I got married 48 years ago

Sociolizing…..with Dinner and dancing was held under a “see-through” Tent!!

The tent’s top was a gauze-like material….we were able to see the  white clouds that were paasing   by on a brilliant blue sky…While deer were frolicking in the tall grasses and the birds were playing and singing over our heads….as if they too were invited to this joyous occasion…

This was the “dinner Buffet “…….

…….it was served on brown packing paper…wher we ate all we wanted served righ in front of each guest.

I loved that she thought of c ontinuing a long time Cratian tradition using a small Rosemary  twig as a decoration on everyone’s table …Her father, my brother was born in Croatia as I was…

In our birth country Rosemary plays a big part especially at weddings…It brings happiness and love to the bride and groom…On that day all guests have a Rosemary buttonier or corsage attached on their festive outfits one wears at such an occasion….

More of the Buffet!

Thre Bride and Goom’s Cake..

It was a white cake with a Caramel Cream filling….and decorated with “spun caramelized sugar”…it was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted…



Maria Reisz Springer


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