I have never been so “tested” in my life as this Corona Virus is capable of doing!

Keeping up our home/condominium and thinking of what will be our dinner are the two most important subjects I am forced to think about. In the past cooking dinner was so easy! I would buy of groceries bring them home and decide every day what I wanted to cook for our evening meal. Now…due to the Corona Virus I have to make a plan for the week as I do the grocery shopping because I want to go to the grocery store only once a week or less times….While shopping and before I enter the grocery store I sanitize my hands and/or I wear surgical gloves, I also sanitize them. I ware a mask while I cannot breath. Standing in line at the store, making sure that I am keeping the proper distance…. …and being aware that the person behind me is not creeping up to me with being only a foot away .. I am exhausted just thinking about this behavior before I even get to the store with my grocery list in my hand.

Coming home putting the groceries away…after either washing them with hot water…or letting them sit on the counter for a few hours before putting them in the refrigerator…!! Sigh….I am tired already and it is not even noon!

Well…in the late afternoon….I open the refrigerator…to see what groceries I bought with which I need to crate our dinner… I am lucky in one aspect, my husband is helpful in sharing with me what he would like to eat…and he is not too difficult with his suggestions…

So I make his meal within an hour or less when I realize that I really do not want to eat a Hamburger with roasted onions and hot sauce or tomato sauce or whatever he likes to put on his hamburger. This is the moment when I open the freezer…and stare at all the frozen meals/leftovers I can chose from …for My dinner. Or….I eat a toast with ham and cheese with some of the vegetables that I prepared for my husband…He is good about sharing.

Actually….we do not eat big meals …like tree course dinners as we did before the VIRUS arrived. We are usually done with our dinner within half an hour or so…The nicest time dinner while we sit and chat on our balcony for a while, even when it rains since we have a covered deck.

Here is tonight’s diner

Spiced Pork Loin….bought at the grocery store, already spiced and wrapped in bacon strips……and a baked potato! raw vegetables: all cut into small bite-size pieces…. and served in small separate bowls….a fresh tomato, cauliflower, and cooked corn on the cob….served on a small plate. ……………..and a glass of wine…my husbands choice from his cellar.

Maria Reisz Springer

Retired Cooking Teacher at

Maja’s Viennese Ktichen!




Maja’s Viennese Kitchen Maja’s Viennese Kitchen…..To make this cake…use any kind of a boxed Vanilla mix….follow the directions on box…pour it into a greased,round cake form…and lay slices of a couple of pears around the edge of the cake…bake at 350 F until toothpick comes out clean…cool the cake and slice it while still in the baking pan…the first slice might not come out without crumbs…but the rest should be no problem to place it on a pretty platter…dusted with some powdered sugar….and enjoyed!!!

This is truly an easy cake to make…and will be loved by all!!!

Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen



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