So many have asked for the recipe of my Viennese Pound Cake...so, here it is!

 Wiener Kugelhupf 

Viennese Pound Cake

1 cup butter

2 cups sugar

6 whole eggs – separated

2 cups of flour, measured then  sifted

2 tsp baking powder

2 Tbsp Cointreau

6 Tbsp Milk

½  cup of raisins – optional

Zest of 1 orange

Powdered sugar

Whipped cream

Preheat oven to 350 F – Grease and dust Kugelhupf form….or…. 2 loaf pans!


Cream butter and sugar until light and very fluffy

Add egg yolks – one at a time, beat well after every addition.

Sift together flour and baking powder

Add orange zest and the liqueur to the butter mixture


Add flour and milk alternately, mixing gently

In a separate bowl……..

Beat egg whites to medium peaks and mix into the above dough.

Add raisins

Pour into prepared Kugelhupf form…….Bund cake form

or 2 loaf pans!

Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour and 15 min.

Cool 15 min and turn out on to the platter

Dust with powdered sugar



Serve with whipped cream…….mit Schlag!


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My Chocolate Butter Cream!


I started baking when I was about fourteen years old.  My mother was an excellent cook and baked beautiful Viennese/Austrian desserts.  She did not mind cooking the meats and fish dishes as well as  soups.  She never used recipes, she simply  cooked and baked with whatever we had in the pantry or refrigerator at the time.  All the recipes she remembered from her own mother and the maids who cooked for my grandmother. My mother grew up in a hunting lodge (a beautiful home, in the middle of a Croatian forest).  She was educated, in Vienna, where her special treat on Sundays was a walk from the boarding school (Internat) to Sacher’s where the girls had a cup of coffee and a slice of the Sacher Torte. It was 1928 and Vienna was the “center of the world” for her and many others…she was 16 years old.

But, I digress! I learned to cook and bake from my mother after we arrived in Los Angeles, California as refugees/immigrants in the 1950s.   It was a difficult beginning in a new world with a language we did not speak. My parents found jobs that were nothing like what they had done and the way they lived in Pre-World War II.

When we arrived in Los Angeles  we lived on Alvarado St, across from McArthur Park in a small apartment.  Not exactly the best area in Los Angeles at that time.  Every Saturday the four of us (my parents, my brother and I) took the bus to the downtown Central Market.  I remember that my parents bought vegetables and meat at different stalls, trying to convey  their messages in a broken English.  But at the meat stall they spoke German with the butcher. The butcher was most kind selling us the meat at a discount. When we arrived home, each of us had carried two paper bags full of food,  and after storing them properly, mother and I went to the grocer, a half a block from the apartment.  He, too, was German,  and extended his generosity  with giving us fruit that was overly ripe which he could not sell to his other customers. As he packed up  our groceries he always stuck a couple of breads that were a day or two old into our bags as well.  It was nice to find friendly people among so many strangers.

Mother always cooked delicious meals, mostly one-pot meals or soups, and on Sundays she baked something sweet for the 3 o’clock afternoon coffee.  After a while she also baked  bread every week, since we were not used to eating the soft white breads that were in the stores at that time.   This is when I helped her and learned about baking.  Soon I started baking pastries on my own while mother looked over my shoulder. 

At the beginning I baked simple cakes like this Kirschen Kuchen (Cherry Cake). or

Kirschen Kuchen 008 crepes that were filled with a custard. As time went on and the jobs became better and my parents together had a better income  they were able to buy butter and sugar and, layered cakes with butter creams came on  the Sunday’s afternoon coffee table.015_15

That was my beginning in baking and soon I developed a passion for setting the table when we entertained and created floral arrangements for dinner parties.

And today I can tell that I have taught cooking classes during more than twenty years, and have created pastries of all kinds that have been enjoyed by my students, family, friends and customers.

Just recently I made several Chocolate cakes for a friend’s 90th Birthday….and used the following….

Chocolate leave cake 044

Chocolate Butter Cream

This Chocolate Butter Cream is not very easy if you are not somewhat of a baker.  At the same time I do not want to discourage anyone.  I too had to learn by making mistakes and doing this cream several times until it finally worked.  If you read my description carefully you will not have any trouble making this cream. Go slowly and follow each step carefully. The final result will be the best cream you have ever tasted.

 16 oz (1 lb) chocolate morsels

3 sticks butter

1 1/3 cups confectioner sugar

3 to 5 Tbsp Cocoa Powder – Dutch Processed

1 Tbsp Vanilla


Melt the  chocolate morsels (chocolate chips) – in the microwave oven

place the chocolate morsels on a microwavable plate and microwave for 30 seconds

repeat the 30 seconds intervals and check the softening of the morsels….

between each 30 seconds or…until the chocolate morsels are soft to the touch,

but NOT hot!

Take it out of the microwave oven and let it stand for 2 minutes

then mix the chocolate on the plate with a small spatula till creamy 

if the chocolate morsels are not completely melted

return them to the microwave oven for another 15 seconds then mix the chocolate

and let it cool to room temperature

Do not place it into the refrigerator…

the edges of the melted chocolate will harden and you will have to re-melt it again.

Now beat the butter and confectioner sugar very fluffy and until very light in color

add the cocoa powder and the Vanilla– and mix well

add the melted and cooled to room temperature chocolate… and mix till smooth

The melted chocolate has to be room temperature…if it is warmer

it will liquify the butter …..and that cannot happen

After the cooled melted chocolate is incorporated into the butter

place the chocolate cream into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes

before starting to fill and ice the cake

Note:  You can enhance the flavor by adding

1 to 2 Tbsp Espresso Coffee, of course cooled to room temperature.

I use good quality Instant Espresso Coffee

Chocolate leave cake 016

When you fill and ice the cake…

I like to use a Vanilla-Cake for all my Chocolate-Cream Cakes,

since the chocolate flavor is more intense than with a chocolate-base-cake.

Moisten each layer with a little sweetened brandy

1/4 cup brandy + 1 Tbsp confectioner sugar

Using a small brush, dip the brush into the brandy and dab it all around the edges of each cake  layer

Fill and ice the cake with the finished Chocolate Butter Cream

I like to place the finished cake into the refrigerator for a day or overnight

to have all the flavors meld

The Brandy and Coffee is totally optional!

Malory pastry class 015


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The Colorful Easter Egg!

The history of the Easter egg varies, depending on the historian.   One story tells about the Roman Empire when people believed in many gods and how they obtained favors from them.  The Spring Goddess Ostara or Eastre was worshiped and honored by offering her baskets of colored eggs, and it is also said that her favorite pet was a hare.

During the early Christian era, and particularly during the time of Charlemagne (800-814 AD), Lent was observed by abstaining from eggs.  This practice lasted until 1784.  During the time of Lent all eggs that were collected from the hen houses had to be kept either for hatching, or were kept safely to be eaten at Easter.  To be kept edible for several weeks the eggs were dipped into melted mutton fat or wax.  At Easter they were then decorated to make them more attractive.  According to folklore these pretty eggs were given to children, because it was a pleasant and enjoyable  way of getting rid of the surplus.  It was always felt that “A pretty egg tastes better” and as time went on through the ages eggs began tasting even better when they were made from chocolate.

Color Easter Eggs with Vegetables,

Fruit and Spices!

Today I imagined I lived in the age of Charlemagne and was preparing to give gifts to the Goddess Eastre to obtain from her some special favors……I will not tell you my secret wish, but will tell you how I will entice this beautiful goddess to look upon me favorably.  I will beguile her with a gift that she would love most……..a basket of colored eggs.

Several days ago I stated to collect onion skins, and red cabbage leaves.  However, as I pretend to live in another era, yet live in the 21st century, I  went to the freezer and found frozen blueberries, and in the pantry Instant coffee and Turmeric which give nice colors to the eggs.  A bottle of Burgundy that went slightly bad in my non-refrigerated pantry, heavens… it was not stored in the wine cellar……..will give me a nice deep brown color. Oh, yes, I also found packets of Raspberry Herbal Tea……and wonder what that color would be?  It was a deep, pretty  gray that reminded me of a dove. First step is to boil the WHITE eggs……..you have to use white eggs only…… Wash them in some sudsy, warm water to get any oils off that may have stayed on them before they were packed into the cardboard egg carton……..and rinse them well with cool water. I like to poke a little hole – with an egg poker – to ensure that they do not break while cooking.  One can get that little gadget either in the grocery stores on the gadget wall or any kitchen store. Proceed with your favorite method of cooking hard boiled eggs. When cooked placed them into iced water to give them a quick cooling which helps with removing the shells more easily. This you can do a day ahead and refrigerate the eggs……..

To make the dyes………..

Note……use only stainless steel pots….enamel or china will be discolored with these dyes…..one can use glass containers/bowls or glass coffee cups……..

Yellow eggs with Turmeric

Add 2 cups of water into a 1 quart stainless steel pot…

Add 4 heaping Tbsp of Turmeric, mix and stir until all powder is mixed into the water

Add 1 tsp of vinegar

Bring this mixture to a boil and add your eggs, remove from heat and let the eggs be submerged for about 1 hour or longer.   The longer you keep the eggs in this dye the deeper the yellow color will be….

Rinse the eggs with cold water to remove any spice particles.

Pale blue to deep blue and purple eggs with Blueberries…..

Add 2 cups of frozen blueberries into a 2 quart pot Add 3/4 cup of water Add 1 tsp vinegar Bring mixture to a boil and cook the berries until they start popping, while mixing frequently Mash them with a potato masher to make a thick sauce like consistency.  If it seems too thick add a little more water When the berries are cooked, strain them into a glass coffee cup, it  will submerge  one egg . For a pale blue color – leave the egg in the juice for about 20 minutes.  For a darker blue color leave it in the juice for about an hour…or longer. Rinse the egg from any residue of the juice in cold water

Brown eggs with Instant Coffee…….

Use a glass cup and add about 4 heaping Tbsp of instant coffee, and pour hot water into the cup.  Mix well. Add the egg and let it sit in the coffee for about an hour or longer Rinse the egg briefly and let it dry

Red Cabbage leaves for Robin’s Blue eggs….

Place about 2 cups of chopped red cabbage leaves into a stainless steel 2 quart pot add water to cover the leaves. Bring them to boil and simmer for about 30 minutes or longer, until the cabbage is pink in color and has released just about all the color.  Strain the liquid into a glass bowl or cup and place the egg into the dye….let it be immersed for about an hour……or longer.  Check periodically for the color intensity….if you like a light blue color on the egg take it out earlier if you like the blue color be darker……keep it in the dye longer…..it is your choice.

Onion Skins for a nice pinkish/brown color…….

You will need about a cup of packed onion skins to make a deep enough dye to color your eggs……. Place 1 cup of packed onion skins into a stainless steel 1 quart pot and add enough water to cover the skins. Bring them to a boil and let them simmer for about 30 minutes or longer….making sure that the water does not totally evaporate……..if the water level reduces add more water to cover the onion skins. When the color of the dye is a deep brown strain it into a glass cup, and add the hard boiled egg Keep the egg in that dye for about an hour or more…….the longer you keep it submerged the darker the color will be.  I like them lighter in color…..with less time they come out almost a pinkish brown color.

A drop of olive oil in your palm……….

When all the eggs are dyed and dried………place a little oil into the palm of your hand and rub it into your hands Now pick up every colored egg and oil them to make them shine………. You need just a small drop of oil……do not make them too greasy.

Here is my basket of colored eggs for the Goddess Eastre………who will hopefully bestow favors upon me and grant my secret wish!

Unauthorized use, distribution, and/or duplication of proprietary material without prior approval is prohibited. If you have any questions or would like permission, I can be contacted via email at: maria@majaskitchen.com   Feel free to quote me, just give credit where credit is due, link to the recipe, and please send people to my website, http://www.majaskitchen.com

Thank you!


Cooking Class!

Pastry Class with Mallory at Maja’s Kitchen!

As you all know I have taught cooking classes for over 20 years…and loved every moment of it.  Recently, however, we have sold our big home and have moved into a Condominium that we now call our home.  Little did I know that I would be asked to teach a class occasionally here in a much smaller kitchen.   At first I was concerned if it even would be possible to make it work, since the space is truly  very small.  The first class was with two little boys (10 and 6 years old) as I have posted earlier, who used to come to the Gingerbread House Decorating Afternoons during the month of December for many years at our old home. This past year the family was relocating to Arizona and the boys wanted to have a “cooking class at Maja’s Kitchen” before they moved.  I was thrilled and did not want to disappoint them. Therefore, I quickly set up the class together with their Mom. It was great fun for all of us.

Now, just a few weeks ago a friend asked if I could do a class with her friend’s daughter who creates and sells cakes as a business. Well, again I could not miss this opportunity.

Malory pastry class 011

Mallory is 14 years old….

and already has her own pastry business…by the name of….. “Sweets”

Mallory does primarily fondant work with cakes and makes cakes for special occasions for her clients, mostly children’s birthdays…. My class with her was about butter creams and decorating with plant material  She wanted to learn to work in another media other than fondant.
We made  Austrian Vanilla and Chocolate Butter Creams.  While working with her she showed me that she was a very serious student, and is truly very talented. In four years she definitely will be ready for the Culinary Institute of America.  We need to keep our ears and eyes open for her continued progress.

Austrian Butter Cream Recipe!

 Ruth Steer's 88 birthday 3 30 08 011

My Butter Cream is a European custard based cream…it contains 50% unsalted butter and 50 % of a thick custard.  It is very versatile since one can add any flavor to it and make it into a chocolate cream as well…

In Europe…as I remember from my mother and from reading many of my Austrian and German Pastry Cookbooks that there is no distinction between an icing or a filling for a cake.

There are many fillings for cakes… many are not necessarily butter creams.  When it comes to fillings for cakes there are different flavored butter creams; butter creams flavored with various alcohols, like brandy and liqueurs, as well as Vanilla, Almond, Orange, Lemon, Coffee and Chocolate flavorings.  But, there are also fillings that are made from cake crumbs that are mixed with either alcohol, jams or finely grated nuts  that make up the center layer of a cake.  My favorite is a nut filling that is mixed with cake crumbs, nuts and brandy…..

But today I will show you how Mallory and I made the  Austrian Vanilla Butter Cream.


You need a very thick custard cooled to room temperature and the same amount of butter also at room temperature and of course sugar but it has to be Powdered Sugar, a Vanilla as the flavor.

Custard Recipe

2013-07-23 11.38.40

2 cups whole milk

1/3 cup cornstarch

½ cup sugar

2  jumbo eggs – you can use large size eggs as well

Add the above ingredients into a sauce pan,  starting with the milk, then the cornstarch and mix it well until the starch particles are well  suspended in the milk, then add the sugar and the 2 whole eggs. Again, mix well until all is well integrated into the milk.

2013-07-23 11.47.50 Turn on the heat …to high, and cook  the mixture while stirring constantly.  The mixture will start to change color to a deeper yellow color; when the first boiling bubbles appears take the sauce pan off the heat and holding it in your hand mix vigorously  with your other hand until the custard is smooth and silky.

Sometimes I have to put the custard back onto the burner for just a few seconds to heat it just a bit more then again take the custard off the heat and mix it well until it is smooth and creamy.

At this time the custard might appear a little lumpy, but as you keep mixing/whipping it the lumps will disappear.

I usually taste it to make sure that the starch is cooked.

2013-07-23 20.25.32

Transfer the custard into a small glass bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.  Let it cool to room temperature which will take a couple of hours at least.

However, you can place it into an ice bath or refrigerator to cool it quicker.  If the custard is in the ice bath then keep mixing it which speeds up the cooling process.    If you have time then cool it in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap for about one hour or so. This custard can be made a day or two ahead and kept refrigerated, but the custard will take about 2 to 3 hours to get to room temperature …or it can be microwaved, but care needs to be  taken not to over heat it…then you have to go through the whole process to cool it down to room temperature again…When you are ready to start to make the Butter Cream transfer the cooled custard into your food processor and process it for a couple of minutes to make the custard smooth and creamy before adding it to the whipped butter and powdered sugar..

 Classic Butter Cream

4 sticks unsalted butter (2 cups)

2/3 cup powdered sugar – more if needed

Cream butter and powdered sugar until very fluffy

Add above cooled and processed custard  – one spoon at a time – and incorporate it into the butter mixture

Mix very slow and do not over beat

Add flavorings




Artificial flavorings, Vanilla, Coconut, Orange, lemon, etc…

Add as much as you like….I start with 1 Tbsp…then add more if the flavor is strong enough to my taste….

Malory pastry class 002

Malory pastry class 004

Malory pastry class 005

Mallory and I had a great day together creating these Austrian Layered Cakes!


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“Soup’s on!

Maja’s Kitchen Newsletter ………..January, 2015 !


Black Bean Soup!

condo first snow condo 005

Winter is “Soup Time” in Maja’s Kitchen, therefore, I want to start my Blog Post for the New Year with my very first soup for this year. It is the Black Bean Soup that everyone loved when it was on the menu in one of my cooking classes.

The soup is easy to make and it takes hardly any time at all to prepare.  You do not need a crock pot, just a regular soup pot and a few ingredients to make it.

I love these kind of recipes when I can bring everything together on my counter, chop the vegetables, wash the beans after they come out of the can, add the spices and the rest of the ingredients and place them into the waiting pot on the stove.

When all the ingredients are in the soup pot turn on the heat, and let it all boil up for a few minutes and the soup is ready in half an hour or less.

Serve it with some toasted, buttered bread and dinner is done! I love a small cup of apple sauce after the meal to cleanse my palate.

condo first snow condo 006

By the way…..make a double recipe……because this soup is great to keep in the freezer for another meals later on.

Cleaning up the kitchen is quickly done as well …and you can relax  with a book on the couch….or…. with a favorite TV Show….

Black Bean Soup.. 

my quick method!

Makes about 6 to 8 servings!

          4 cans –15.5 oz each – Goya, Black Beans

Rinse the beans with warm water before you continue with the recipe.

          1 large onion – diced  and caramelized in a little olive oil.

          1 stalk celery, chopped

          1 carrot, grated or sliced

          4 cloves garlic – pressed or chopped

          Pepper – to taste

          2 Tbsp tomato paste – (puree)

          4-6 cups Chicken Stock – or less, depending on the amount of soup you want.

          1lb  Polish Sausage – cooked and diced.

1 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

          1 Tbsp sugar

          2 – 3 Tbsp chopped parsley

Garnish with sour cream and 5 or 6 chopped green onions or parsley.

Place the rinsed beans into a soup pot and …………

add the chicken stock

Add sauteed onions,  celery,  carrot,  garlic and tomato paste.

Cook until vegetables are just tender.

Add sugar and vinegar.

Adjust taste with salt and pepper.

Add cooked Polish Sausage and serve with sour cream and green onions.

To thicken soup – take out a cup or more from the pot –

and smash the beans with a potato masher.

Return the smashed beans to the pot to thicken the soup.

Or………use Potato Spuds from the box,

Add the Spuds to the pot and bring it up to a quick boil for about a minute.

Add 1 Tbsp at a time and thicken the soup

until it has the thickness you like.

condo first snow condo 001

This recipe can be doubled or quadrupled.


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Unauthorized use, distribution, and/or duplication of proprietary material without prior approval is prohibited. If you have any questions or would like permission, I can be contacted via email at: maria@majaskitchen.com   Feel free to quote me, just give credit where credit is due, link to the recipe, and please send people to my website, http://www.majaskitchen.com

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Our Dream Home!


2013-05-20 16.16.30

It was 1981 when we moved from California to Baltimore….with a four year old little son…We looked for a home to buy in April and May of that year…only not liking  anything we saw on the market…. On the day before we went back to California to await the movers who would pack us up and move our stuff to Baltimore…we took one more drive with the realtor hoping to find our dream home. Since we could not decide on any of the houses he showed us that day, he finally said: “There is a house that I know the owner wants to sell, would you like me to call him and see if he is serious?” We nodded our heads and he placed the call and the seller said that we could come by and see it.
When we walked into the front door…I knew this was the home I wanted! I felt immediately comfortable in it and loved the large rooms and the floor plan.

It was our dream home!

2013-05-20 16.23.31

We spent thirty-three years in this house. First we moved walls, painted, re-did rooms, designed a new all white kitchen, bought furniture together with an interior decorator, and made the home …”OURS!”
I felt that we could let our lives and dreams come through and share it with people who we hoped would become friends, let our son grow and develop into the person we envisioned him to become. We had the perfect home for all this to happen through the years!
And it did!


We entertained international friends and guests through McCormick Company where my husband had a position in the International Division, and, I started a cooking school in my beautiful new kitchen.

Smith Island Kitchen 060

Our son was able to have friends who came and played in the woods that surrounded our home, building forts and bridges over a small brook that ran through the Watershed. He learned about all kinds of little animals that had their home in the trees or in little caves underground, birds that fed off a feeder in the middle of the back yard, and, a little birdhouse on a wall near the kitchen window.

Tutle KirschenKuchen 020

We could watch birds in the spring nesting, feeding and teaching their off springs to fly….We watched snakes that wound around branches on trees and some that lived under our back steps. Foxes patrolled the yard for food, hedgehogs that ate our freshly grown lettuce for lunch before we could pick it to have it for dinner. One year we planted potatoes and did not think that they needed soil that was free of rocks and pebbles, therefore, they came up all gnarled and had funny shapes…but, we ate them anyway. When he was fourteen his father taught him to drive the big lawnmower and keeping the lawn mowed became his weekly job for which his allowance increased.

2 Valentines snow 024

In the winter we fed the birds on our deck wall, but, not only birds ate there, they shared their crumbs and seeds with squirrels, foxes and, at night with raccoons and one evening we saw a possum visiting the feeding area.
It was a wonderful house to do anything in and kept us busy throughout the thirty-three years…

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen/Maja’s Kitchen LLC!

My Home Cooking School kept me busy throughout the years.  I taught thirty classes a year and ended the year with Gingerbread House Decorating Sessions in December.  It all started when our son was about 5 years old when I invited his friends for an afternoon to decorate gingerbread houses.   It continued on until it became a part of Maja’s Kitchen.  I would have up to 100 children and adults come to these weekends of Gingerbread House Decorating Afternoons every year.

Sam's Birthday 154


  Sam's Birthday 128

 Sam's Birthday 140

When the decorating of the gingerbread houses ended I invited the children and their adult companions to attend a Candlelight Christmas Tea in our basement.

GH 2101 085

There they experienced and enjoyed a buffet table ablaze with candles and lots of little sandwiches, pastries, fruit and I never forgot the “pigs in the blanket.” Hot chocolate was served to the children and the adults had tea.  All was served in china cups with saucers and dessert plates.  The children were wonderfully behaved and acted properly.  Everyone relaxed and chatted and had a good time.   I loved these afternoons in December, because for me too, Christmas was approaching and we all felt it as the Christmas music kept us all in a festive mood…

When “Tea” was over they picked up their houses upstairs in the kitchen, parents took photographs around the Christmas Tree in the foyer…and with a shout of “Merry Christmas” left with smiles and glowing faces holding tight their decorated little Gingerbread House.


Cooking Classes at Maja’s Kitchen!

Cooking and baking is truly my passion, I will never tire doing it!

I loved teaching and getting to know the ladies who came to my classes, and yes, there was an occasional man who joined us.  Actually men could not come to my classes because my classes were held in the morning, from 9am to 1pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.   But I did some private cooking classes with men when they scheduled it on a Saturday morning. It all was great fun for me!

I loved learning about having a business. My husband was very good in getting me thinking of it as a business and not just having fun.  His help and encouragement helped me to make this a successful business.  I learned to handle the income and expenses, networking, writing recipes, printing them and having them ready for my students when they arrived in the kitchen.  The night before I set up my kitchen for classes and prepped the ingredients for the recipes.   During the class we learned to cook, plate the meals, decorate tables, learned about each other and become friends.

Paso Robles Cooks Loft

To keep up with teaching I attended many cooking classes at different schools, like the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, NY, the Lavaren Cooking School at the Green Brier, the La Accademie de Cuisine in Bethesda, and many classes that were held around Baltimore through the years. I also joined the International Association of Culinary Professionals where I am still a member.  The yearly IACP meetings have helped me to become a better teacher, and, where I found great support from more experienced culinary professionals.

Leaves cooking class 001

We have recently moved from our “Dream Home” to a condominium not very far away from the “old’ house.   We have installed a new kitchen and I have already started to continue Maja’s Kitchen in my new kitchen and condominium/home.

My pastry business is thriving !

Here are some of my recent creations

made in my “New Condo Kitchen!”

 Yvonne Bridalshower cake 010 Truffles 003

Day5 TUMC VBS 077 014


The First Cooking Class in the new kitchen!

Cooking with Maria 029  Cooking with Maria 034


Cooking with Maria 018Cooking with Maria 024



Maja’s Kitchen….



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to continue our friendship!


My first Cheese Cake was a.. “Cream Cheese Pie”…

The Warm Cream Cheese Pie

GH Dec 09 005

I was working at the Children’s Hospital, Hematology Research Laboratory, as a Medical Technologist in Los Angeles, California…..when Max Fields, a co-technologist came that morning and brought   a “Cream Cheese Pie” for all of us to taste.   He said he found the recipe in one of the magazines that advertized Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  It was 1967.   With the first bite of this Cream Cheese Pie….I was hooked.  On the way home from work I bought the ingredients and made that delectable dessert to treat my parents with an after dinner desert.

Cream Cheese Pie 005

Cream Cheese Pie 007

I have made this desert many, many times since…but, the first time I made it my parents asked me to make it on the weekend since we were having dinner guests who were “American” and thought that they would love to see that we are on the way to integrate into American life…You see we had come to the US  a few years pryer and most of our friends had been other refugees  from Europe.  This particular couple had us over to their house and we wanted to reciprocate their kindness by having them come to dinner to our home.   The husband was full of praise for my mother’s cooking and could not say enough about the “cream cheese pie” when his wife got terribly upset and jealous and created a scene at the table by accusing him not ever telling her that her dinners were outstanding as well… You can imagine how we felt…and the dinner ended badly and sadly ended our beginning friendship with an American couple. We never saw them again.

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Then a few years after that unfortunate experience, I married and we moved to Baltimore, Maryland.   Our son was in middle school when we sponsored  five Japanese La Cross players.  They were the same age as our son and were wonderful young boys.   They were to stay with us about a week or so. The second day I asked how they liked the food that they were having at school when they reluctantly told us that they did not like what they were getting at the cafeteria.  So I cooked them a big pot of rice….they devoured it in five minutes…then I thawed some chicken soup….which they drank right out of the bowls…and that too was gone in less then five minutes. I told them that I would make some dessert for them after they got their showers.

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I got the cream cheese out of the refrigerator…luckily I had some bought graham cracker crusts in the pantry…and whipped up the OLD CREAM CHEESE PIE.

It takes only about 30 to 40 minutes to bake.  I was just taking the pies out of the oven when the boys came down to the kitchen all clean and smiling. They were ready for the dessert, and could not wait to have them cooled down.

They ate the pies within minutes and their smiles became even brighter. They loved it….I did mange to get a bite and discovered that it was even more delicious warm than when it is served cold.  I also do not add the sour cream topping…my “Cream Cheese Pies” are simple and baked until they are slightly browned and cracked on top.

Two years ago  I made them for the….

Annual Garden Club Luncheon!

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Here is the original recipe for the….

 Cream Cheese Pie

The Graham Cracker Crust

1 cup of Graham Cracker crumbs

3-4 Tbsp Butter – melted

Mix the crackers and butter together

add some Cinnamon to the mixture

Line a 9 inch pie pan with the Graham crackers mixture and bake it approximately 10 minutes at 350 F

Cream Cheese Filling

4- 3 oz packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

1/2 cup sugar

Cream mixture until fluffy and smooth

Add 2 eggs – one at a time and mix until well blended

Add 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Pour this mixture into the baked Graham Cracker crust and bake the pie at 350 F for about 20 minutes

Sour Cram Topping

1 small carton of Sour Cram

add 2 Tbsp of sugar

Mix them thoroughly and spread the mixture on to the pie and bake at 500 F  for about 5 minutes

Let the pie cool to room temperature…then cool it completely in the refrigerator over night…and serve it with Cherry pie filling

And here is my version of the…

Cream Cheese Pie!

I usually buy a prepared Graham Cracker Crust in a foil pan at the store….and make the filling with a little more cheese, more eggs and more sugar than the original recipe calls for.  Also I do not make the Sour Cream topping….and I serve it still warm with a dusting of powdered sugar.   The Cherry pie filling…is intensified with a tsp or so of either rum or brandy….which enhances  every bite with an extraordinary flavor and delectable experience.

Cream Cheese Mixture

2 – 8 oz packages of Philadelphia Cream cheese

1 cup of sugar

Cram this mixture together until light and smooth

Add 3 large eggs …one at a time and mix until completely blended

Add 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Add 1 tsp of Almond Flavoring

Mix all the ingredients well and pour into a prepared Graham Cracker crust.

Bake in a preheated oven at 350 F….for about 40 minutes or until the top begins to rise and brown and shows several cracks around the edges.

Cracked Crea,m Cheese pie 004

The cracks and puffed top will settle down as the pie cools.

Serve it when it  still warm….warmer than room temperature…with a little Cherry Pie filling…that has had some Brandy or Rum added to it…and  a dusting of powdered sugar….

GH Dec 09 004

Hope you enjoy this desert as much as I do.


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