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Chocolate Linzer Torte for Mother’s Day!

Tulips and ChocoAlmondCake 009

Quick, quick, quick….you still have time to make this simple Chocolate Linzer Torte……for your mom, grandmom, aunt…or best neighbor for Mother’s Day…..It can be made today, tonight, or tomorrow…on Saturday….it holds well at room temperature for a couple of days….or you can refrigerate it…..but if it is refrigerated I would advise to put it in to a 300 F oven to warm and crisp it up before serving…. You can find the recipe and how to make it on Maja’s Kitchen Blog….. www.majaskitchen.com March 21, 2013 look for it in the Archives…

Tulips and ChocoAlmondCake 006I guarantee that to whom ever you will give it or serve it…they will be most delighted…with this extraordinary pastry…..Tulips go well with this cake….not to eat…but as a decor on the side….but roses will do as well….even little violets… We need to all make sure that we have a mother to spoil on this special weekend….my mom died 7 years ago…but I will make that cake to remember all the special times we have had together….and that I am forever grateful….

www.majaskitchen.com/Chocolate Linzer Torte


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