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Potatoe Chowder!


Potato Chowder


The temperatures are dropping…it snowed and now with the sun coming out …it all is melting. 

At the same time the night temperatures are still at freezing…..

During this time of the year we love a bowl of soup to warm us with every spoon-full….

Here is the recipe for the Potaoe Chowder!


This weekend make this warm, nourishing and satisfying soup –

sit by the fire and enjoy a moment of peace while every spoonful will give you pleasure.

And do make it with heavy cream!


  serves 10

1 med. Onion – chopped

½ cup celery – cubed

½ cup green pepper – cubed

½ cup red pepper – cubed

½ cup tomato – seeded and cubed

4 cups chicken stock

(The soup can be made with chicken bouillon – granules and water.)

2 cups potatoes – (Yukon Gold or Red skinned potatoes) – cubed

½ cup heavy cream or milk + 1 Tbsp cornstarch

salt and pepper

Chopped parsley


Add more cornstarch, to thicken if needed.

Prepare all vegetables.

Put chicken stock into a pot, add all the vegetables except peppers, tomatoes and parsley and boil until

potatoes are just done.

Add cornstarch into milk and mix.  Add this mixture to the boiling

Soup and boil until it thickens.

Now add cubed vegetables and parsley. 

If you like you can add more heavy cream to make it creamier.



Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen


Baltimore, MD, USA


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Apple Sauce 

The way my mother taught me to cook it!

1 bag of any kind of Apples…or a mixture of different kinds of apples

About 15 to 20 apples…any size

Wash and peel them

Cut  the peeled apples into quarters

Add them to a large pot

Add 1 cup of water

Add ½ cup of sugar


Add some lemon rind and the juice of 1emon to the pot……

lemon juice keeps the apples from getting brown…

The lemon rind gives the apple sauce a fresh flavor

Place all the above ingredients into a large pot and bring the apple mixture to a boil

Cover with a lid

Stir and mix the apples often to prevent scorching….

There is not much water in the pot…

but, while the apples start to be cooked they release a lot of water/juice…….

As the apples become soft mash them with a wooden spoon to make them into a sauce……a potato masher can be used as well.

Keep tasting the apples to see if they need more sugar….therefore, add sugar  if you like , and adjust to your taste


When the apples sauce is cooked…….place them into clean containers or jars and keep them in the refrigerator …..


I have never frozen apple sauce….


Maja’s Viennese Kitchen

Maria Reisz Springer



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Caramel Cream


A most delicious Filling 


for a special cake….


or small pastry!

1 1/2 cups of sugar

1/2 cup of water

1 lb unsalted butter at room temperature…..or “salted butter” if you prefere the flavor of Caramel and Salt..

1 cup of HOT milk….use a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup, add the milk….and warm the milk in the Microwave until it is very HOT, but not boiling..

Into a bowl add 1 cup of cold milk and 3 Tbsp “shake and Blend” flour plus 2 Tbsp cornstarch…and set asice…

Carmalize the sugar with the 1/2 cup of water…till nicely browned…take it off the burner…. Sugar continues browing when you take it off the burner…swivel the browing suar until the bubbles stop….and the color is nice and dark brown…do not over cook…sugar in the last stages of browning will burn very quickly….So do go slowly …take it on and off the burner and rest it…until you have the dsired color…

Therfore…take it off the burner 2 to 3 times and get the sugar nicely btowned but NOT BURNED….

When the bubbles are completely gone…begin slowly adding the cold milk with the flour and cornstarch….do not add the milk mixture all at once…it will bubble out of your pot…so, go very slowly…at the beginning add about a Tbsp of the milk mixture……and mix until all the bubbles are gone…then add another little bit…and so on until you have incorporated all the milk mixture..

Now…. cook it until it is fully cooked…

The milk and caramized sugar will look like cottage cheese……but, do NOT worry…it will all cook and will become a smooth light brown cream….

Put the pot into the refrigerator…to cool down…about 30 minutes..take it out of the fridge….. add the room temperature butter to the caramel cream… while it is still warm enough to melt the butter…incorporate it all together to make a smooth caramel colored cream….Refrigerate the cream…for about 30 minutes or so…then mix it with a hand mixer to make a wonderful looking and tasting Caramel filling for a delicious cake…


Maria Reisz Springer



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Mini-Cooking Class….  


Southern Living at Home Show

Sunday, February 26, 2006

2:30 PM

Schnee Nockerln – Floating Island

in Vanilla Cream


            Set up a pot with simmering water.

            6 egg whites

            1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp sugar

            Beat egg whites until stiff peaks appear.

            Use a soupspoon to make Nockerln and simmer them in the water.

            About 2 min. on each side.

            Drain them on a clean kitchen towel. The dumplings will get smaller when cooled.


Crème Anglaise –

Vanilla Custard Sauce

2 cups milk

4 egg yolks

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp Vanilla

Pour milk into a double boiler and bring to a boil.

Remove from heat

Combine egg yolks and sugar – whisk until thick and pale yellow.

Mixture should form a ribbon when the whisk is lifted from he bowl.

Gradually whisk in half of the hot milk and then add the remaining milk by constantly stirring. 

Return the mixture to the double boiler and cook over low heat,

keep stirring with a wooden spoon until the custard is thick enough to leave a clear trail when a finger is drawn across the back of the spoon.

DO NOT BOIL!!!!!!!!!

Remove the custard from the heat and strain it into a bowl.

Cool in an ice bath, stirring occasionally to prevent a skin from forming.

Serve at room temperature.


Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen



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This years Christmas Cookies…!


I LOVE this time of year…where the world stops in my kitchen…I bake just about non-stop!

Here is my Butter Cookie Dough …that I used for all the cookies on this page…you can change the flavor by adding  cinnamon, nutmeg, allsice, vanilla, orange, lemon or whatever you like…it changes the flavor of the dough and therefor the pastry…when baked it truly enhances the enjoyment with every bite…


Butter Cookie Dough

            2 1/2 cups flour

3/4 cup sugar

1 tsp Vanilla

1 whole egg….use either large or jumbo size egg

1 3/4 sticks cold butter


Mix all ingredients in a food processor…..until it forms a ball….

Cut the dough into 4 parts…

Place the dough onto a board and roll it about 1/8 of an inch thick…

Cut out forms with cookie cutter…

Place the cut out cookies on a cookie sheet and bake them at 375 F..until lightly browned…



I have many friends who want my pastries…for their holiday festvities…they keep me happy and take them out of my kitchen…or I truly would be 300 pounds in no time at all!!!

I LOVE my own pastries…I guess it is because as I make and bake them I feel that my mother is with me the whole time…

We used to bake for Christmas and Easter since I was a teenager…and I so miss her at this time of year…baking and being in my kitchen…I feel she is with me every day and every hour…..


Maria Reisz Springer

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen

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The members of the Glen Arm Garden Club celebrated it’s 60th Anniversary at the Manor Tavern in Monkton, Maryland! We were close to 40 attendies…and just about everyone had contributed to this awsome celebration.  There were floral table center pieces and paper floral craft table decorations,   a wonderful auction with beautiful items, several speakers to remeind us of what all our club has done for the community and and for it’s members through the 60 years.   But, most of all we had such fun to be together while celebrating our accomplishments…



A delcious lunch was catered by the restaurant…where everyone had a choice to order from a large menu!

…and the desserts were created and donated by….

Maja’s Viennese Kitchen….

(Maria Reisz Springer)


I am honored to be a member of this Garden Club ..since 1997,

and be a part of such a most wonderful group of ladies…!



You can find me on Face Book


maria @majaskitchen.com


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Here we go again!….Just in case you have forgotten that we have a Gingerbread House Workshop on Saturday, Dec 1st….at Towson United Methodist Church/ in the Baltimore, Maryland area

….Bring your children, grandchildren, any children in your extended family….bring also neighborhood children…but, …this year we have an ADULT table as well….If there are no children in your life…bring YOURSELF. and a FRIEND…..I promise you ….you will have a great time…!!!! ……email me:  maria@majaskitchen.com …..  and I will get back with you quickly!!!
This is a fundraiser for a children’s mission….the cost to attend is…$40….for yourself, a child, an undecorated Graham Cracker House…and all the cnady and icing you will need…

We have a Candy Buffet….anyone can get as many candy as they wish to fill the house from the roof down to the bottom……

Hope  io see you on…

Saturday, December 1st, 2018…

at… 1 PM till 3 PM!

Maria Reisz Springer……..


GH Sun Nov 3rd 2006 001



Maria Reisz Springer

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This event fills up quickly…so do not delay if you have an interest in joining us!!!

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